Sweet words
are easy to say,
Sweet things
are easy 2 buy,
But sweet people
are difficult to find.
Life ends when U stop
Hope ends when U
Love ends when U stop
Friendship ends when U
stop sharing.
(share this with whom
ever consider a FREN)…
To love without
To talk without
To give without reason,
And to care without expectation
is the heart of a tme-n-my-bro-miswanbeshfren from secondary schoolruefriend…

*now a days..hard 2find da true fren…hmm yelah susah tuk kite puaskan ati semua org n mcm tuh jugak kite yg xpenah berpuas ati dgn ape kite ade…slagi masih ade mase,akan aq hargai semua….aq sayang semua org…yg mang syg kat aq+yg benci kat aq…..

thanx 2 all dat i consider as fren…penasihat2 agung ku,,,,,thanx coz still with me,,,luv me…thanx so much…


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